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“Treatment with Ibogaine can have a transformative effect on your life.”

Welcome to the Ibogaine Treatment Center website. Our Detox and Recovery specialists are dedicated to helping people break free from the bonds of substance abuse and chemical dependence while eliminating the cravings and relapses so common place in the cycle of addiction.

You CAN break free and live again!

Our goal is to assist you in finding the absolute best detox and recovery method that will work for you so you can more easily detox with little to no withdrawal symptoms and live addiction-free once and for all! While many rehab centers have excellent programs, they are either not comprehensive, take too long, or don’t effectively deal with the problems of withdrawal and relapse.

Pre-treatment and post-treatment medical supervision and monitoring is essential to the success of an effective treatment program – that is what differentiates us from other detox, rehab and recovery programs.

 With over 30 years experience offering alternatives to tradition treatment facility therapies, we focus on the whole person – spiritual, emotional and physical. Working closely with medical professionals, we help ensure you receive the most comprehensive, effective and successful solution to recovery. 

Below, we discuss Ibogaine Therapy and the role it can play as an effective detox and recovery treatment. We provide you with the in-depth information, tools, and recovery programs you will need to help make your hard earned  recovery efforts last. If you are looking for the best Ibogaine treatment providers, contact us at 215-853-2287 for more treatment information.

How Ibogaine Works

When dosed at a specific quantity, Ibogaine can reset the opioid receptor signaling in the brain of an opiate addict interrupting cravings that lead to addictive behaviors.  

Ibogaine Treatment accomplishes this by providing “evoke specific” types of auto-induced mental introspection by administering ibogaine at doses that assure that ibogaine and noribogaine will occupy specific areas of the brain responsible for cyclical thought production and fantasy creation. This helps ensure a person  working toward a full and lasting recovery from addictions and addictive behavior is successful.

Beneficial results directly credited to ibogaine treatment therapy work to eliminate cravings and withdrawal symptoms by overwhelming the central nervous system’s “faulty” programming and resetting the neural composition of a person. This is much like an operating system that de-fragments its hard-drive to process programs at a more efficient level.

  • Long-term benefits of a single ibogaine treatment can be life transformative and very real for opiate addicted individual
  • Ibogaine treatment has recently been further recognized for much of its nootropic functions as well as the lymphatic flush associated with classical flood doses of the medicine.
  • Clinical research has to evidenced the differing in medicinal qualities of ibogaine as well as a multitude of various other iboga derived alkaloids, namely ibogaline and ibogamine.
The Iboga Plant - Ibogaine Treatment for Chemical Dependence

The Iboga Plant from which Ibogaine Treatment Powder is made. The bark of the root is chewed for various pharmacological, medicinal or ritualistic purposes. It can neutralize withdrawal symptoms.


Preparation, Treatment Session and Post-Treatment Care, Rehabilitation and Monitoring

  • Preparation for treatment, medical supervision and post-treatment recovery monitoring are the most important steps to ensure a successful Ibogaine Treatment session. Below, we discuss the science behind Ibogaine therapy.
  • A hydrochloride extract of the celebrated rainforest botanical is ingested and taken on an empty stomach after a preparatory phase that usually lasts a few days.  
  • As the initial doses take effect the user will notice an increase in sensory awareness along with slightly enhanced tactile sensations.   
  • Introducing small amounts of iboga alkaloids to the system orally, delivers a stimulant effect in the CNS.    
  • Ibogaine’s stimulating effect brings one to a state of mental clarity devoid of associative thought processes, we can consider this state of enhanced external awareness and central focus as being a “sober sense of clarity”…a quality similar to some of the classic tryptamine hallucinogenics and juxtaposed to others regarding the initial onset effects of psychoactive states induced by many psychoactive substances.

Ibogaine Therapy

“Flood doses of ibogaine are utilized in most forms of Ibogaine Treatment for opioid addiction interruption.”


  • In this type of therapy, as doses increase, iboga alkaloids and their metabolites bind to various receptor sites, producing rapid eye movement, early childhood memory recall, dissociation in relation to time through noribogaine’s agonism at the kappa receptor.
  • While this action is taking place, nor-ibogaine, ibogaine’s primary metabolite applies an agonist effect at the mu-receptor simultaneously reversing opioid tolerance and withdrawal while sedating and comforting the individual experiencing the medicine.


Accessing the Ibogaine Dream-State During the REM phasing of Ibogaine Treatment 

  • The cerebral activity associated with iboga or ibogaine induced dream-state is highly complex with multiple mechanisms of action commencing simultaneously. 

  • Many of the visionary and revelatory effects associated with the waking dream are likely resulting from synergism of the multitude of cerebral actions.   
  • This cerebral synergism delivers a reflective state of mind coupled with emotional detachment that results into highly introspective state that is free from ego identification and fear based thought cycles.


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The Roots of  Ibogaine Treatment in the West

A brief  History of the Dosing Methods Associated with Ibogaine Treatment

  • There are various dosing protocols that can be utilized for obtaining therapeutic results when treating individuals for PTSD, asymptomatic depression, various addiction as well as other acquired conditions stemming from psychosomatic origins.
  • In traditional ibogaine therapy as applied in opiate addiction interruption, doses were based initially on a patient’s body weight and administered following the onset of pre-withdrawal signs, respecting an approximate twelve hour abstinence from a short acting opiate.   
  • This dosing regiment would begin after the administration of a “test dose” of ibogaine HCL measured at approximately one/tenth of the final dose required.
  • In order to successfully interrupt a opioid addiction, sufficient amounts of ibogaine following the test dose would be given. Additional doses of ibogaine extract would be supplemented if withdrawal symptoms arrived at any time throughout the treatment.
  • This classical protocol works well, it is essentially the grandfather of all dosing ibogaine dosing methods employed today.  
  • Various methods have been popularized by Lex Kogan and have been adopted by treatment centers in Europe, Canada and Central America.   
  • Many consider these advanced protocols to be safer or superior to the original method, true to a certain extent, there are many that are safer and superior.  
  • That being said, none of these newer formulas would ever have been developed without having used the traditional model as a backbone foundation.


Ibogaine Treatment Strategies Evolve 

  • In ibogaine treatments involving opiate addiction interruption, the amount of ibogaine that is administered to each individual is case dependent on the patient’s cardiac response to a series of small “assessment” doses, (an expansion on low-wave-dosing philosophy.)   
  • Increment doses of ibogaine are administered directly following a patient’s metabolic response to the medicine until a desired effect is achieved.  
  • The primary advantage of the “staircase method” dosing protocol stems from allowing an individual’s Central Nervous System to “respond” rather than “react” to ibogaine medicine.   
  • The staircase formula utilizes gradual doses compounded over time as opposed to administering a heavier dose all at once that’s based primarily on body weight as well as the assumption that ibogaine functions the same collectively within all individuals; it does not.      
  • The personalized aspect of the ibogaine treatment experience can prove to be to be,  in many ways,  as “individual” as “we are.”

  •  All of our ibogaine treatment centers use organically derived alkaloids in our introspection therapy as well as addiction interruption sessions.  

  • The three celebrated alkaloids that we administer throughout an ibogaine treatment yield synergistic results.   These alkaloids are ibogaine, ibogamine and ibogaline.    
  • All three alkaloids are extracted from true west Central African Tabernanthe iboga root bark, as these alkaloids have never been subjected to any semisynthetic actions during the extraction process
  • We offer Medically Supervised Treatment and Detoxification for Chemical Dependence, Heroin, Oxycontin, Methadone, Suboxone, Cocaine and Alcohol Addictions.

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Ibogaine Treatment

Ibogaine Treatment