Ibogaine Treatment

How can Ibogaine Help with Detoxification, Effective Addiction Treatment & Recovery?




Finding Freedom in the Fall


The human organism, ever-evolving through hardship and strife has been gifted though out all of history with setbacks and obstacles; epics and odysseys.

It is the resolute acceptance of failure that functions as the primary ingredient necessary to eventually achieve our original objective or endeavor.

A successful ibogaine treatment can allow us to recognize that it is possible to view all of our failures as triumphs (as long as we choose to accept them as lessons in disguise.)     All throughout history mankind fails himself repeatedly, over and over again until that one day where he eventually triumphs out of sheer relentlessness.  The power of forgiveness, of one’s self as well as outwardly to others is a collective emotional resolution that many people experience post ibogaine treatment.  For an opiate addicted individual to be able to have the opportunity to forgive themselves and others during deep introspection during ibogaine treatment fulfills one of the primary needs that all human beings need to feel at peace within our emotional center.

Fortune falls upon the path of man who chooses to never ever accepts the unnecessary fears that force us out, fears that hinder so many of us from taking another chance—to strike up another match against the darkness—to move forward into the face of adversity; trying again and again—relentlessly —until success is finally achieved; against all odds.   This choice to reject all unnecessary fears arises for many people as a direct result of the introspective qualities that commonly arise throughout the REM state phases of the ibogaine experience. 


All of us are born with latent untapped and undiscovered potential.  We all possess incredible abilities to adapt to almost any circumstance that life throws our way.    Throughout our tragic days we continue to surprise ourselves as we surface out of the dark waters of chaos and uncertainty as stronger and wiser organisms than we’d found ourselves to be before we’d ever taken the fall.

The Human Being: Gifted with the power of creativity…born into pain and strife so that we may grow and adapt, evolve and change…living within the continuous transformation surrounding us at all times.

How many of us who have lived through adolescence can truly complain of our discomforts in retrospect wishing that life had treated us kinder?

Has it not always been by her wicked hand, unbiased and fierce that mother nature serves mankind with her greatest of teachings?

With an honest glance many of us agree that the distress and the difficult conditions in our coming of age have shaped us into who we are to a significant degree in the world today.

During ibogaine therapy sessions for opiate addiction, small doses of ibogaine induce auto hypnotic trance states.  These trance states lead us deeper into our unconscious mind allowing our emotional center to experience waves of self reflection. In this way, ibogaine treatment can clear the mental blockages, unlocking past traumas so that they may be released and resolved. 

Overcoming Obstacles in the Vision-State

Looking back upon these memories of our childhood it is not difficult to see just how these obstacles can have paradoxical effects or how our present reactions to a memory can depend entirely on the way the memory of an event was processed.

How much victim identification for example is attached to one particular memory when compared with another memory where one found resolution leading to empathy and forgiveness while the other deteriorates into the shadows of misunderstanding?

The differences can be found in the process of emotions that are understood and registered in our memory bank at the initial impression’s point of origin.  Our memory’s misguided ability to plague us because of what’s passed in our past as well as all its uncanny ability to offer us logic and reason regarding gifts born from strife are different solely in the way we had chosen to process the picture, so to speak.  The way our memories affect us is very much dependent on whether or not the emotional event was understood and resolved at the time of the event.  Ibogaine induced introspection  can lead us to resolution by bracing our perspectives with a gentle humility during the exploratory phases of the experience.     And, even if resolution takes years to embrace, resolution will always serve us as a positive discourse.  


 A pandora’s box of  forgotten  images from the past existing in an obscure location of the unconscious mind;  saturated with plagued memories – suppressed, or completely repressed, buried in uncharted waters with no available lighthouse to illuminate our  way  so that we may eventually  recover them.

Many of these memories may have been all too painful to study or to even accept at the time of the tragedy—due to the uniquely traumatic nature of the event.  Moreover, a trauma that may seemed to have stemmed from a subtle event may yield catastrophic consequences in our day to day lives if originally misunderstood and left unresolved  to the realm of memory.

One of the most psychologically unique qualities that the ibogaine dream-state provides us with is that very ability to enter those uncharted waters with much more than just a lighthouse to guide our way.    Fully immersed in the dream-state, we may enter those uncharted waters with the full light of consciousness.  Imagine this light of consciousness  functioning as “active awareness” in the brain.   An active awareness that  casts a fresh new perspective on misconstrued memories subconsciously-deemed “inaccessible” to our pragmatic mind prior to our ibogaine experience.

This active awareness functions at its highest level for approximately twelve to eighteen hours.  This visionary to reflective phase period serves as a means to resolve and process many residual emotional discoveries.      

If all great works of art and music can be manifested purely through the relentless will to succeed, then, in the light of the ibogaine induced vision state, we may find ourselves painting a memory fueled masterpiece leading us into a renaissance of self understanding.  


Visualize This:

Regathering forces you return to your coalition’s core.
Jungle warfare has covered you in a million fractured
reflections of a splintered gritty past.
Casting combat images aside, you find peace within exile.
And like the dawn’s dying shadows diminish as the sun’s
emanations splice throughout the broken sky above,
unresolved thoughts retract into the
raindrop raptured atmosphere and
transformation occurs:
-embrace a new beginning –

-Reunited & Radically Reformed-
Inside the dream state
we seek to destroy unconscious tendencies
that cause us to hold onto fear, shame, anger and blame.
This introspective state can provide our solar plexus with an emotional
flooding of remorse of conscious allowing empathy
to override judgement and hate.
It is in this childlike perspective, liberated from those negative
reinforcements constructed out of self doubt that we may realize that any
emotional threats or mental manifestations
will overpower us no longer and we are free to
listen to the symphony of innocence once again.

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Ibogaine Treatment

Ibogaine Treatment