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Learn about Iboga and where Ibogaine Used In Detox Treatment Programs Comes From


The African origins of IbogaineTracing the Roots

To the Garden of Eden

Iboga root bark is traditionally ingested as a right of passage for many West African practitioners of the spiritual system known as Bwiti. The inner layer of the root bark is actually where the highest potency or concentration of the ibogaine alkaloid can be found.

The pale yellow roots grow deep into the earth producing twelve other significant alkaloid similar in structure to Ibogaine, each with their own unique chemical dynamic differences.  Iboga root can produce waking dream states when a specific quantity of the pulverized material is digested.  Ibogaine and nor-ibogaine have been shown to disrupt acute withdrawal symptoms as well as reduce cravings following treatment in opioid dependent individuals.

Iboga, The Rainforest Medicine

Ibogaine induces a deep REM-like sleep state with rapid eye movement through multiple mechanisms of action working synchronistically throughout our central nervous system.  The simultaneous release of neurotransmitters catalyzes users into deeply reflective states allowing our brains to reprogram the way we identify and associate with repressed memories and traumatic past events. It allows healing to begin. for more treatment information and to find the best Ibogaine therapy centers, fill out the Free Ibogaine Consultation form or contact us at 215-853-2287.

Why Ibogaine works. Many indole alkaloids are physiologically active and used in a variety of medicines.  Ibogaine however, is distinct in many ways as no other organically derived alkaloid nor synthetic pharmaceutical causes a simultaneous release of the key neurotransmitters responsible for maintaining well-being and mood elevation specifically in the areas responsible for regulating euphoria in the human brain.

The forest people, traditionally referred to as pygmies to the western world, are the indigenous African people to be accurately accredited with the use of the plant as a tool for stimulating awareness and improving athletic ability during their hunting practice.

Due to deforestation, the heavy destruction of the rain forest of western Central Africa, the pygmies are being threatened with extinction.  Unfortunately, this extinction has also threatened Tabernanthe Iboga from which Ibogaine treatments are derived throughout all of its native areas of habitat in western Central Africa.

Rainforest disappearing at an alarming and  accelerated rate suggest to anthropologists that the ancestral lineage of the pygmies may not survive past the following generations.  If the preservation of this native habitat is to prevail within our lifetime, it is imperative that the deforestation ceases to assure that both Tabernanthe iboga as well as the pygmies the ability to continue their harmonious existence on this planet.

Iboga – The Gift of the Forest People


The Pygmy Forest People are the true shepherds of the Iboga tree and it’s uniquely buried gift to humanity.  The pygmies are historically recorded as having offered the traditional plant medicine to the Fang and other warring tribes as a white flag peace offering, knowing that the transformative properties of the plant would bring about harmony within the region.

In their assessment of their need for a dramatic solution in this tragic situation, the people of the forest certainly were correct in their conclusion that sharing the unknown aspects of this particular rain forest medicine would pay off in the long-term.   As wisdom foresaw those previously violent, ‘at-onetime’ warring factions would experience a renaissance of nonviolence for generations to come.

The differing factions took the use of iboga to a religious level when they created the Bwiti syncretic system: They implanted its use as a holy sacrament forming a syncretic system of spirituality which has transformed into one of the fastest growing spiritual movements in Africa today.

In Bwiti philosophy, cultural animistic beliefs have merged and blended with some ceremonial aspects of Christianity as well as the additional elements of ancestral tribute and recognition.

Ibogaine Treatment Origins – Visualize this:

“Resin Colored Honeycombs Hover Under the Emerald Clustered Canopy Above

Worker Bees Swarm to the Queen’s Quarters Carrying Home Clear Crystalized Nectar From the Rapidly Vanishing Flowers of the Forest.

Without the Flowers of the Forest – No Bees, No Honey, No Royal Jelly for the Queen – No more Forests as far as the Eyes Can See”

– Ibogaine Treatment Origins … 

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Ibogaine Treatment

Ibogaine Treatment