Ibogaine Treatment

Overcoming Addiction and Cravings Once and For All is a Treatment Victory!

Victory Over Addiction

Self esteem is based solely upon the processing of past fears and our eventual overcoming of them through direct interactive confrontation inside or outside of the mind.  Confidence is achieved in the light of recognition as we recognize ourselves surpassing these difficulties.

The idea that we can achieve, as in, we believe that we are able to advance past our current state of being, moving onwards in an outwards bloom, is fundamental in regards to our confidence, esteem, and most importantly our recognition of inner happiness.

When Fear Strikes 

Many of us are quick to lay down our arms, surrender and resign from the ongoing battle of overcoming obstacles.  This is usually due to self doubt and crippled confidence – a direct result of the burden of failures outweighing the attainment of victory.

Ibogaine Can Shine a Light on Where we’re Lacking Courage

These negative neural programs are destructive to the integrity of our emotional confidence to an intense degree.  They have been designed and molded immaculately out of the darkness of our most self defeating belief systems that overtime grew into a forest of misunderstandings and inner confusion.

As human beings, in our ever-changing world, all of us suffer from our own disillusions of past events which is why ibogaine therapy’s potential reaches beyond addiction interruption and branches out into all psychosomatic based afflictions; afflictions by which most of us have suffered or continue to suffer from.  

Subtle emotional and mental afflictions can be monumentally destructive towards our ability to derive happiness from the simplest events in our waking life. It’s shadows can cast discontent across each and every moment of our daily lives.   From the depths of our psyche grows a psychosis that bleeds into every experience that life constantly unravels before us.

Moving Forward

How can we look outside the window, enjoying the breeze and the scenic picturesque backdrop when our personal belief systems have left us unconsciously convinced that the framed glass and bars are there to protect us from breathing in that unfiltered air, that untamable free spirited wind and sun so dangerous to the eyes and lungs?

Past Fear

How often do we choose to leave the comfort and safety of the “known” aspects of our misconstrued conceptions through our deviated perceptions?

Beyond the Pitfalls of Comfort 

 Into Freedom

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Ibogaine Treatment

Ibogaine Treatment