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Understanding the youthful role that NMDA plays   throughout the Ibogaine Experience

Ibogaine applies unique activity at multiple receptor sites throughout the brain and central nervous system.     While this is taking place, nor-ibogaine, its primary metabolite applies its own unique action as an agonist at the mu- and kappa-opioid receptors.     It is nor-ibogaine’s agonist ability that has  been  credited for reversing withdrawal symptoms in opiate users.

Being a tryptamine, ibogaine binds as an agonist to the serotonin receptor system which in turn releases a flood of neurobiological agents that together initiate a visionary experiences in the user.

Ibogaine is justifiably unique in the world of psychoactive medicine in the sense that while its metabolite nor-ibogaine is agonizing opioid receptors, ibogaine is simultaneously applying antagonist affects at the receptor known as the NMDA.

Interestingly enough NMDA receptors are the responsible areas of the brain that modulate synaptic plasticity.       This synaptic plasticity is a cellular mechanism that regulates memory, through associations with past events as well as identifications with memory projection and future imaginative cognition.    As a child, memory retainment is directly related to our ever increasing learning abilities.

Psychology has recognized, since the earliest of times,  that, all learned abilities are memory-based at the most principle levels of mind.

From the initial stages of ibogaine treatment as well as throughout the acute visionary phases of the ibogaine experience, the NMDA receptor is modulated due to ibogaine’s agonistic affect while other key euphoriant related neurotransmitters are activated simultaneously.

Metaphorically speaking, ibogaine can be thought of as a “skeleton key” that unlocks the euphoriant “doorways” or the pleasure centers of the brain’s neural infrastructure.

More specifically, we may visualize the alkaloid as an “initiating skeleton key” serving to reset the brain’s chemical composition as our conscious awareness oversees the reconstruction of abandoned neural pathways.

This “conscious overseeing” (in a sense) “acknowledges” the collective results of our previous choices and decisions that in certain incidences may have been directly responsible for architecting a comprehensive blueprint of the past –  but more importantly this overseeing  recognizes  how we may have chose to view ourselves as a result of the experience.

We may liken this blueprint or mental record of past neural activity to a meticulously mapped out ‘GPS’ type of navigational system where older synaptic messaging systems have hardened to a degree over time due to highly repetitious patterns of thought.  

In this NMDA potentiated state, our ability to relearn is renewed and creative thought procsses are attainable once again.

ibogaine youthTo put it bluntly, a child’s brain, during the formative years, up to the approximate age of seven, learns faster and superior to the brain of an adult because the synaptic plasticity has not hardened to a degree.  The child’s brain is softer in the physical sense – fluidly adaptable.

If we choose, for a moment, to view the human brain as nature’s unrivaled predecessor to a modernized computer as well as its programming technology then we can compare the adult brain to hardware  while comparing the child’s brain to software.

Juxtaposed in this way, the adult brain can be seen working quite efficiently in regards to executing actions that it has grown accustomed to executing.

Adult brains are more mechanical and to a definite degree, less creative.  

Therefore, learning new systems of thought and ideas have to penetrate a gauntlet of belief constructs that have previously modulated synapses and pathways resulting in significantly denser neuroplasticity.  

Speaking from this perspective, age-adapted and behaviorally fortified neuroplasticity can be likened to the regulatory movements of a common city street commute system where traffic can only flow in a specific direction down a one way street as to not harm the relatively continuous quality of automized movement.ibogaine.treatment

When comparing the adult brain’s neural highways so to speak with the malleability of the neural pathways of an infant,   the adult brain cannot begin to compete with the creative freedom that exists within a child’s brain in regards to the multiplicity of various ways to perceive external events and more notably how to act or engage, relate or respond to the event.

One of the principle reasons that people feel renewed and released from so many physical conditions after ibogaine treatment is directly connected to ibogaine’s modulation of NMDA receptor.  

This includes how the NMDA receptor, in its potentiated state, reprograms “so called errors” of the past   while resetting our brain’s chemical composition at the most basic levels.

Thus people have a very real sense of being able to begin again—to begin again and yet at the same time feel as though one may be taking a trip back in time…..back to the earliest memories that life may allow. 

The anti addictive qualities of ibogaine are set in stone to a degree regarding its metabolite’s function at the opioid receptors.  

However, the reason that so many people stay free from addictive substances long after ibogaine and its metabolites have cleared the system is very much due to ibogaine’s NMDA longterm potentiating activity.

Ibogaine potentiates NMDA for extended periods of time
modulating the compounds literally responsible for converting and reverting life experiences within our memory system into their correct categorical significance.  

NMDA works by processing the sensory awareness signals are being simultaneously released and triggering memory recall to occur while fear and judgment is suspended.

Thus the alchemy of a transformative experience is born when active ibogaine metabolites cross the blood brain border and a hidden world of dream-state introspection is attained and comprehended through our own volition.

You are the Gateway, Ibogaine can be the Key!

Navigating your dream state with a skeleton key

Ibogaine Treatment

Ibogaine Treatment