Ibogaine Treatment

Breaking Free of Addiction with Ibogaine

Principles of Opiate Addiction & The Ibogaine Solution for Breaking the Cycle of Addiction

dreamstime_xxl_34164127Unlike many opioid substances, illicit as well as pharmaceutically synthesized, ibogaine provides much more than a temporary relief of emotional and physical pain associated with drug use by the chemically dependent individuals that our society derogatorily deems as ‘drug addicts’ in these modern misunderstood times.

Opioids, from fast acting heroin and oxycontin to long acting methadone and suboxone all provide the chemically dependent individual with a with a relatively short-lived window of time where suspension of physical and emotional pain truly releases the individual from the “bondage of suffering.”

Those who utilize this temporary window for extended periods of time will eventually pay a heavy price. That price is called drug tolerance which is the culprit responsible for symptoms of abstinence i.e.: withdrawal.  There is a stigma that runs deep through the veins of modern society; one that plagues the system of language that we use when describing opiate addiction.

This stigma begins with the faulty notion that the majority of opiate users employ chemical agents to bring about a pleasurable state or high.  This falsehood has been previously associated with the idea that most ‘opiate addicts’ share a profound desire to practice various levels of escapism as an employed means to their absolute denial of reality.  For most opioid users, this is not the case.  There is in fact very little pleasure associated with this temporary relief of pain and discontent.  Many opiate users are accustomed to feeling a hollow numbness to the external world around them.

Suffering from the discord of feeling separate from one’s surroundings many users are psychologically plagued by the sensation of a deep gap of segregation from others as well as themselves.  These negative emotions and disparaging themes exist throughout the darker areas of the unconscious mind where modern psychology, understandably, has little room to investigate this specific territory without a platform to stand on.

To state it simply, it would be quite useless to attempt to compare the organic outcome of  ibogaine treatment modifications in behavioral patterns with modern conventional methods of  rehabbing personality traits in a recovered individual.  Traditional talk therapy and external suggestive thought pattern manipulation, cannot, and will not ever be able to hold a candle to the clarity and self understanding one may gain from the automated conscious awareness associated with Rapid Eye Movement induced through the ibogaine constructed dream-state.

Ibogaine’s ability to cause an internal journey of self introspection leads us to an often uninviting labyrinth of the unknown areas of our psyche.  And, although this labyrinth may be constructed of misconstrued beliefs, denials and self doubts, it does exist as if it was unchangeably real to our minds eye and thus affectively disrupts our ability to see ourselves for who we are, as we truly are. This can greatly affect the way we relate to others around us which is why some opiate addict understands the highs and lows of solitude to a degree much deeper than many non opiate users.

It is as if this maze of darkness was as solid and static as the physical world around us.  Although stemming from the unconscious areas of our minds, these phantoms of the past, exist to a degree, although in a seemingly paradoxical manner.  Their negative effects affect us on a continuous moment to moment basis consistently throughout our waking life.

It is an ironic tragedy that these reflections of the past can hold more power over our present state of mind than our current reality offers to us presently in the here and now.  Thus, the old adage, “perception is reality” is crucially on point in this case, regarding our mental states and general emotional health.

As long as these areas of the psyche remain unknown, unheard and unseen, we’ll likely never be able to come to terms with them—realizing the powerlessness of these apparitions—Apparitions and nothing more: precisely ‘what’ these once-misunderstood areas will be recognized as being when viewed under the light of consciousness evoked by significant doses of ibogaine extracts, utilized throughout the core processes of opioid addiction interruption.


VISUALIZE THIS: The innocent curiosity of a young child’s eye  youthfully captures the images of a towering silhouette climbing up the pale white rafters of the sunlit attic wall. Unable to recognize the silhouette as merely the shadow figment of a miniature toy soldier contrasted against the illuminating rays of the setting sun, the young child flees the attic in fear; abandoning any further exploration of the historical treasures decorating the antique architecture above.


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Ibogaine Treatment

Ibogaine Treatment